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In support of The Children’s Wish Foundation

(September of 2013)

In September of 2013, the 16 member “Cops for Kids” bicycle relay team will be hitting the road, and cycling a total of 2,600 kms from Winnipeg to Tofino to once again raise funds for the Children’s Wish Foundation.   The team will endeavor to cycle non-stop, rain or shine, 24 hours a day to complete this grueling long distance tour within 4 1/2 days.

Our West for Wishes tour celebrates the 10th Anniversary tour for our dedicated team comprised of 16 Winnipeg Police Service members.  To date, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been donated through the team’s efforts to the Children’s Wish Foundation.  This tour’s goal is to raise sufficient funds to grant several special children, suffering from life threatening illnesses their most heartfelt wish.

“Cops for Kids” cycling in support of Children’s Wish since 1994… 

            The Winnipeg Police Service’s “Cops for Kids” bicycle relay team was formed in 1994.  The idea was conceived after members of the HoustonTexas, Police Department cycled through Winnipeg on their way to Alaska while raising funds for leukemia research.

W.P.S. Bicycle Patrol Unit Constable Bill Isaac (now retired) was so inspired by the Houston Officer’s dedication to raising funds for charity that he created a W.P.S. bicycle relay team.  After some careful deliberation the team chose The Children’s Wish Foundation as our official charity.  As Police Officers involved with helping others, especially children, on a daily basis, the decision to help children with serious illnesses was an easy one.  Members of the team have dedicated themselves to raising funds by seeking sponsorship from local businesses as well as personal donations from members of the public.  This year we are also raising funds through the sale of team t-shirts and once again manning the dunk tank at the Red River Ex.

The vision shared by The Children’s Wish Foundation and all members of the team, is to have every child, enjoy the best quality of life possible including the experience of laughter, shared joy and treasured memories with important people in their lives.  Due to the varying degrees of illnesses and the many different types of requests, the fulfillment of a child’s wish may take anywhere from one day to more than a year to plan.  The foundation does not receive any government assistance and is funded solely by individual and corporate donations.

From past to present – Our ten bi-annual tours… 

1995 -  “West for Wishes” from Winnipeg to Vancouver, British Columbia.

1997 -  “Coast to Coast for Kids” from Winnipeg to Halifax, Nova Scotia.

1999 -  “North American” from Winnipeg to Mexico, via Texas.

2001 -  “Kalifornia for Kids – Zoo to Zoo” from Winnipeg to San Diego, California.

2003 -  “Torch to Torch – Light of Hope” from Winnipeg to New York City, New York.

2005 -  “Muddy Water to Clearwater” from Winnipeg to Clearwater, Florida.

2007 -  “Bridge to Bridge” from Winnipeg to San Francisco, California.

2009 -  “5,000 Kms for Kids” around the perimeter of Winnipeg.

2011 -  “Quest for the Key” from Winnipeg to Key West, Florida.

2013 – “West for Wishes” from Winnipeg to Tofino, B.C.


How this year’s tour will work…


Our relay team consists of athletic officers from various areas of the Winnipeg Police Service who love to cycle.  Our 16 member team will be divided into 4 sub-teams.  Each one of these sub-teams will cycle a daily 8 hour 200 km – shift, before turning over the tour to the next sub-team of riders for their shift.  The tour, expected to take 4 days will go non-stop, in relay fashion, rain or shine, day and night until the 2,600 kms have been completed.

To ensure successful fundraising, team members dedicate themselves to the task of raising funds on their own time.  We seek corporate donations, but also use pledge sheets to encourage personal donations from family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and the general public.  No donation is too small, but all donations of $20.00 or more receive an official tax receipt from The Children’s Wish Foundation.

Show your support for the “Cops for Kids” team and make a wish come true… 

  • Pledge any member of the team
  • Make a general donation to the Foundation in the name of this year’s tour
  • As a business or corporation, donate through one of the corporate packages

To make a donation you can click here or speak with any “Cops for Kids” team member.  Major Credit Cards are accepted by telephone at (204) 945-9474 or toll free 1-800-267-9474.  If you would like further information about The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada please contact their Manitoba Chapter Office at (204) 945-9474 or visit their website at  Cheques should be made payable to “Children’s Wish”.

For more information on the “Cops for Kids” bicycle relay team please visit our website at or contact team spokesperson Detective Darrell Hees (Missing Persons Unit) at 204-612-8398 or via email at